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Prayers for Boston


From the Bishops of Connecticut to our sisters and brothers in Christ:

As the news breaks of the tragedy in Boston, we open our hearts to God in prayer. Just over 4 months ago, with the shootings in sandy hook, we felt the pain and agony of violence come into our diocese, breaking open the  agony and suffering that violence enacts in our lives. Today that ache is opened again as our neighbors in Boston, while celebrating our country with an annual patriots day marathon, were victims of violence. 

As we hear the news, may we recommit ourselves to the work of peace in the world. Our God offers hope to the world in the resurrection. May we offer that hope to our friends and neighbors, walking with them in love. 

We your bishops invite you to open your churches for prayer and to be a available  to one another for comfort and conversation. 

The prayer below is from the Rev. Jonathan Folts of St. John's, Essex--

This evening, Fr. Keith and I ask you to please join us in prayer for all those who have been killed and injured by the explosions which took place in Boston; for those families and friends who are anxiously awaiting news of those whom they know were there; for the police officers and for all first responders who rushed towards the explosions while everyone else was running in the opposite direction; and for the medical personnel at the hospitals who received the injured and disabled.

May the prayers we pray this night be turned into transfomative acts which bring God's comfort, God's healing, and God's strength to bear in a world so seemingly bent on chaos.

# # #

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